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Check out the very latest news here...unadvertised events, newly arrived items and new designs that are on their way. Also, read about upcoming events, special promotions and last minute fun things that we are squeezing in. In addition to the “Just Arrived” link on our website, you can see new items weekly on the Hoffman website (updated every Friday). Other easy ways to see new items include Wichelt and Yarntree websites. We order from all three of these distributors on a regular basis!  Of course, you can always send us an email at with your order.


Click on the following links for our latest newsletters and published news articles:

  • Truckers Pick Up Stitching This one too caught our here to read the Wall Street Journal article about how truckers are picking up stitching to pass idle time during their off-hours

  • Local Queenstown Sample Designer's Home Featured - Click here for an article from the Baltimore Sun Real Estate section about a local designer!  Click on the camera icon and see all the photos!  We're so glad to have Barbara Hutson nearby and see some of her and her husband's beautiful needlework samplers featured for everyone to appreciate.

Don't forget to remind all of your needlearts friends that we really are a destination, with Clover Hill Yarn located in the same building. Keep checking back on our site (and watching your email--don't forget to sign up for our newsletter) for the latest news and see you soon!

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