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Greetings All - It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Super Sunday sale before the Big Game! It is always nice when the weather cooperates at this time of year and the change from early last week is quite a welcome one!

NEW NEWSLETTER - It is time for the first quarterly newsletter of the year! There are lots of series being released in the coming months as well as our Market Day with all the new things from Nashville and a special TSP event. Read carefully, mark dates on your calendar and join us for all of the coming spring events! Click here for the newsletter and enjoy!


ETOILE THREADS - These are now in stock and the feedback on them has been quite positive. They lend a little bit of sparkle to your designs and this 6 strand thread currently comes in 35 colors.


SCARY APOTHECARY - This is a new series that is being released in Nashville from Hands On Designs. It did not make the newsletter but you can sign up for it in the shop. It will be nine ornaments inspired by spooky apothecary labels. The first ones will be Bat Balm, Bitter Brew and Broom Stick Fuel...this will be a fun series with a bit of sparkle and whimsy!


That is all the news for now. Hope everyone has a good week with lots of stitching hours! Until next time,


Wishes for Wonderful Stitches,


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